For any kind of vehicle window tinting you are looking for, we have a team of specialists able to provide it as all employees have experience of 10 years and are industry specialists.

Is there any advantage of window tinting?

Our team of specialists use a multi-layered film to protect the interior of your vehicle from the sun’s damaging impacts. Moreover, it has many other benefits.

Heat Control

Compared to tinted glass, untreated glass cannot reduce natural heat by up to 60%. The heat of your vehicle and parking in the sun for hours is terrible; but your vehicle rapidly cools due to our window films.

Fading Control

The sun’s harmful ultra violet rays cannot pierce thorough our film. Apart from heat control, it controls the fading of seats and carpets of your vehicle. Similarly, the life of leather, vinyl, wood, and rubber increases.

UV rays control

Premature skin aging and skin cancer occur due to exposure to ultra violet rays of the sun but out films can block 99% of UV rays. We all understand how to protect our children and pets from UV rays but blinds and stick-on screens are not able fully to control the direct sunlight so the risk is still there.

Reduction in driver’s fatigue and glare

The rays of the sun produce reflection through surfaces, and headlights; our film minimizes this potentially dangerous glare of the sun. Hence, you can drive safely.

Enhanced security and safety

If an accident happens, glass may shatter, but our film can hold together this broken glass. But don’t worry about trapping yourself in the car because you can easily push the broken glass outwards. Conversely pushing inwards is very difficult; hence, a thief would be unable to get into your vehicle easily too.

Highest privacy

From the prying of thieves, the window tinting provides an improved standard of privacy.

The method of tinting

Cheaper films can delaminate or flake the valuable screen of your vehicle but our special film which is applied inside of the glass guarantees against flaking because it bonds onto the glass of your vehicle

Is scratching of the tinting film possible?

Once the film is bonded to the windows, it cannot be scratched because it turns into a strong shield and controls scratching attempts.

What is the law?

The law does not permit to tint the front windscreen. We also try to tint windows by more than 70%.

What can you have tinted?

In vans and estate cars, many parts can be blacked out to save the inside of the car from prying eyes of people. Similarly, the owners of company cars can get their vehicles tinted to make them secure and stylish. Moreover we can remove the films without leaving any residue, hence, the car can be returned in its original condition.

What is our guarantee?

We have great confidence in our expertise and experience in installation; therefore, we offer a 5 Star Money-Back Guarantee on all work

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