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3d gel number plate,

These plates now set the standards as the only ultimate car styling finishes.

A truly custom finish in high gloss piano black. Make your plates come alive with 3d domed gel plates and be the envy of other motorists. These are at the top of the table when it comes to premium number plates, and it’s not hard to see why. These are created by covering a legal font cut out with a special gel resin, this then dries in the dome effect, giving it then clean raise that you want from this style plate!

If you really want to be a show off, go for the 3d gel letters on our ONYX crystal 4d letters together, these materials make up one of the best plates that you can find.

There are some custom number plate makers out there that will sell you black vinyl with silver squares printed all over it, they hope you will accept this as 3D gel car number plates and then they charge you as much money for this cheap low quality version as the high quality carbon fibre effects cost. This is a poor excuse for fiber and 3D effect plates. Be aware that not all 3D gel car number plates are of the same quality. Autoworld Online’s car number plate is as close to the real thing as you will get.

Our fantastic range of 3D gel car number plates in Bolton are widely used in top car models like Porsche, Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, General Motors, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Volvo , Audi, BMW and many others. If you want your automobile look modish and elegant, try our best 3D gel car number plates. The 3D light reflects off the digits and is fit any vehicle. Choose your preferred border, footer and badge options to make your car’s number plates look elegant and unique.

3D Gel Car Number Plates Bolton – Specially Handcrafted for Your Vehicle

All car number plates which we design and manufacture are unique and highly sophisticated. Choose from a wide array of car number plates and order them online. We ensure your products will be delivered at your address on time. Our plates are sturdy and durable. Simply add in your car and get a plush look for it. We endeavor to give an impressive finish to every plate we make.

Place your order online or simply book your plates by sending an email at or Contact Us On 01204 53 43 33. Do produce a copy of your driver’s license while purchasing our best 3D gel car number plates online!


  • A pair of number plates with 3-d gel numbers and letters of your choice.
  • Instructions on how to apply the plates
  • 4 sticky pads

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