For over 10 years, our success has grown because of our commitment to service, amazing quality of our workmanship and our skilled window tinting technicians.

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What our customers think of us:

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Mark Fraiser

Marketing Director at Company

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Reduce Heat & Glare

The Benefits to Window Tinting?

UV Light Rejection & Reduction

Increase Security
Improves Appearance 

Cuts out 99% of UVA and UVB rays which greatly reduce ageing/fading of the car Interior trim. Cuts down the risk of skin cancer.

Cuts down dazzle from sun/lights. Ideal for keeping the sun off babies, young children and pets. Keep your vehicle cooler on sunny days. 

Lifetime Guarantee

*** Life Time Warranty covers against cracking, adhesive failure and delamination for as long as the original customer owns the vehicle ***

The quality of our work is almost indistinguishable from factory privacy glass, so much so that we have received approval and carry out work for major OEM's including; Lexus, BMW, Audi & Honda. Our service centre is a fully equipped, with a dust free environment, essential for a Grade A quality finish View our window tinting gallery

Over 10 Years of experience

Autoworld Bolton are ''The car window tinting professionals''. Our success is due to our commitment to quality and impeccable customer service & competitive prices. We pride our self by inspecting all vehicles thoroughly during installation, after & before handover, thereby we know ONLY when we are happy our customer will be happy!

With experience and thousands of cars tinted covering virtually every model (Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe, Audi R8, Mercedes-Benz CL63AMG, Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Transit, BMW 3 series, Mercedes C Class). At Autoworld Bolton we know how to give your car the perfect privacy glass look.

What Our Customers Say

Our work 

Christine R.

Wish I had known about this shop a long time ago, would have saved me a lot of money and hassle. Couldn't rate this shop high enough, trustworthy polite and professional.

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Great people and great service. Visited at the weekend to get the windows tinted and couldn't be happier. Everyone was so friendly and the quality of work done is highly professional. The work was completed a lot faster than expected too! Will definitely be returning in the future. Thanks a bunch guys

Rachael L.

Hamza K.

Best any probably the only place in greater Manchester that sell any car relating items you can think of. Phone mounts to alloy wheels. More than happy with my window tints...just the littlest thing and makes my car look a million dollars

What Our Customers Say...

01204 53 43 33

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What Our Customers Say

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Booked my car in for window tints. After shopping arround, i got the cheapest quote and most likely got the best job and was fully ready in just a few hours so i was able to get bits and bats from the town centre which is only a 15 minute walk away.

Robert S.

Roll-over Protection

The benefits to Safety Glass?

Resistant to Thieves & Smash and Grab Theft

Anti-Car Jacking

Side Impact Protection

Car Safety Glass & Wrapping

Autoworld Safety Glass is an award-winning product that is designed to make your vehicle safer and more secure.

Safety Glass is an invisible super-strong thick polyester based laminate, professionally bonded to the inside of the main side windows of your car. It is incredibly tough, optically clear, colourless (and also available in tinted versions), scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean. Preparing Safety Glass is a highly specialised process.

Safety Glass is professionally installed and this can be organised through us simple 

Contact us to get a quote for safety glass

Improve Appearance

The benefits of Wrapping?

Protect Original Paintwork
Unique Style & Finishes

About us

Window Tinting

Autoworld Bolton has been tinting windows for over 10 years now. Our success has grown because of our commitment to service, amazing quality of our workmanship and our skilled window tinting technicians.

Autoworld Bolton Window Tinting, Vehicle Wrapping & Auto Tints specialists based in Bolton, Greater Manchester, UK

Our unrivalled finishes are recognised within the industry and by our customers as the finest available. Autoworld Bolton Window Tints are leading of car window tinting and Supaglass security laminate.


Based near Manchester, we supply our services to both the trade and public. For window tinting Manchester, Rochdale, Stockport, Wigan and surrounding areas please give us a call on 01204 53 43 33 or Whats App us on 0777 444 55 16.

Looking to Enhance the Style and Appearance of your Car?
Increase Comfort & Security quickly at an affordable price?

If your Answer is Yes Contact Us Today and Schedule.

The limits of window tinting

• Motor vehicles first used on or after 1 April 1985.

• The light transmitted through the windscreen must be at least 75%.

• The front side windows must allow at least 70% of light to be transmitted through them.

• If the glass is tinted to a point whereby it lets through less light, vehicle does not meet legal requirement.


Grade A Quality Finish

Quality Customer Service

We are specialists in :

Window Tinting 

Safety Glass

Vehicle Wrapping

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