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We specialise in alloy wheel refurbishment - if you have a nasty looking scratch or blemish on your alloy wheels you could always replace them, however for a fraction of the price you could have them refurbished to look as good as the day you bought them.


Any alloy refurbishment job we undertake has a range of options and comes with 12 months guarantee to give you peace of mind.


To find out more about our alloy wheel refurbishment services click here.

From supply and installation to decoding, we're your local audio experts. We can supply and install everything from front and rear speakers, to bassboxes, amplifiers and subwoofers.


We can also cater to various other types of in-car entertainment, such as the installation of dvd players and personal screens - either flip down or embedded into the back of a headrest.


To find out more about our car audio options click here

We specialise in window tinting for any vehicle. Most common are:


  • Cars

  • Vans

  • Minibus

  • 4x4

  • Jeep

  • 7 Seater


All our employees are professional and specialists in what they do, having over 10 years experience in the industry.

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The perfect show plate can make a great final touch to your car - we offer a wide choice of show plates to suit any look or style you want to achieve, all made from only the highest quality materials.


Whether you want vintage or modern looking plates, we can make the perfect show plate for you.


To find out more infomation about show plates, click here.